Magazine subversion – it makes us mad

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What makes you mad?
Magazine subversion, that’s what makes newsagents mad…
Managing the magazine category is a thankless task when newsagents  are thwarted at every turn by magazine publishers luring customers away.

One newsagent said last week, “I think I will strip all the magazine shelves and put in toys & gifts!”
She was cross because the publisher of Take 5 had told subscribers they would get their magazines a week earlier to increase their chances of winning—‘The winners barrel is to large/full for it to be shaken/rolled, therefore the earlier you get your entry in the better.’

The subscription offers, the freebies, the supermarket offers… all make newsagents mad when they work so hard to sell magazines.

This week I noticed that Arnotts biscuits included a ‘buy three and get a magazine subscription offer’!
What next; a magazine subscription with your Christmas ham?

Don’t let all these crazy offers distract you. The publishers are simply doing whatever they can to flog magazines and stay alive.

The answer is not to give up on magazines; they are a valuable part of your business. Monitor your sales and make sure each magazine earns its space – it is no different to any other product in your store. By fragmenting the market and neglecting the fabulous newsagency channel the magazine publishers may lose more than they gain.

Don’t stay mad, get creative and focus on what you can do to sell all products and stay alive and prosperous.

Seen any other crazy magazine subscription offers?


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