What if

What if every newsagent in Australia had Connect – or any system the public needed Australia-wide? We could market – ‘get it at your newsagency’ – just like they did in the old days when everyone needed a paper. Now that the newspaper is not in such demand, we need another ‘go to’ product for newsagencies. The Connect bill payment and parcel service could be just that. Take the parcel in, the newsagent sends it off at a cheaper price – so much easier than the post office. Same for bill payment, same for NParcel.

There are many companies chasing the lucrative parcel business and some will fall by the wayside. Newsagents have the advantage that no one else has – a bricks and mortar retail outlet in almost every community. We have to capitalise on this.

We just need every one to get on board with a universal offer. Supporting Connect and NParcel is just the start and if every newsagent invested in the long term future of their business, the business will have a future.

Click here to see a Channel Ten story about Connect.


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