The Gloss Effect Explained

Just like magpies gravitate towards shiny objects, humans are known to be attracted to glossy ones.

Have you noticed how consumers are attracted to glossy surfaces and products? Have you ever wondered why?

Interestingly enough, recent studies have shown that this is because of the human species desire for a very basic need: water.

Many retailers utilise this to their advantage. The Apple store is perhaps the best example of this. Take notice of their layout next time you step into an Apple Store.  Many flagship stores around the world have features of the glossy nature, such as big glass cubes to attract consumers towards the store, glass staircases to attract consumers to visit the upper levels, and of course the giant glossy Apple logo that can always be spotted a mile away.  All their countertops are displays are meticulously glossy, and all doors and partitions used within Apple stores are predominantly made of glass. Good branding, amazing use of human tendencies to their advantage.

Think also car showrooms. Lots of glass, glossy tiles and surfaces, and cars so shiny and glossy their surfaces can be used as a mirror.

There is no reason retailers such as newsagents can’t use this human tendency to their advantage. Make sure all surfaces are clean and glossy at all times. Place glossy products strategically through the store, to encourage impulse purchases.

Don’t gloss over this easy and effective way to increase sales!!


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