How hard do you try?

downloadI went visiting newsagents this week to ask about their Back-to-School results.

Many newsagents said that consumers mostly went to the supermarket, K-Mart or Officeworks etc and only came to the newsagency for the odd things not available at the big stores. None of these agents had a very significant BTS displays. Is that why? Did they try hard enough to win more business or did they just focus on the negatives, fearful that they may be caught with excess stock?

Many were resigned to the fact that most families would shop elsewhere. Some had not considered approaching schools for their book lists. BTS these days requires planning way ahead and active selling. Have a read of the March National Newsagent for ideas and inspiration.



2 thoughts on “How hard do you try?

  1. Carolyn,
    I’ve just read your editorial in the latest edition of Newsagent. If you can nurture this blog to its full potential it may be a valuable tool for newsagents. If it gives an alternate balanced view of the industry, rather than being fed the world according to Mark Fletcher, it will be a blessing.
    My views on BTS. Newsagents offer better service, more knowledge, comparable prices, but are being outflanked by the big supermarkets (office works included). Their promotions are loud, aggressive and incessant. The customer associates BTS with these gorillas because they promote themselves as experts. In reality, they are hopeless. As we now BTS is a specialised business with parents more than often looking for help. Ever tried to get any expert help on BTS at a supermarket ?
    Newsagents need to raise their BTS profile in the community. We also need to strut our stuff longer an louder than we presently do. Starting a promotion program in the beginning of January is impotent. We are the experts. How do we get the customers to recognise this?

    Gary Carr
    Mt Sheridan Newspower.


    • Hi Gary,
      I hope this blog will encourage newsagents to have their say; the tool his here, they just have to use it and we can get accurate answers on much of the misinformation that seems to get a lot of attention. You can help by encouraging others to comment , ask questions and contribute.

      As for back-to-school; newsagents can make a noise in their local area, that’s all they need. Develop relationships with schools and clubs and mums and dads . Personal relationships work.
      I hope they will read NN this week and think about BTS 2015. Ring Booklists and see how to do it.

      I have just been to a conference about e-retailing and it is ESSENTIAL that you get digital and develop your strategies online so these people will come into your store. Read about that in May NN.(or contact me for an advance copy)



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