Time to de-clutter

Packing up for the recent relocation of the ANF head office made me realise just how unproductive a clutter can be. Not only does unnecessary clutter lead to de-motivation and a lack of productivity on the part of you and your employees, it can also prove to be quite bad for your business’ image as well.

As a consumer, I can say there is nothing worse than walking into a cluttered, disorganised store. The modern day consumer is often time pressed, and values convenience. If a customer cannot locate what they came to purchase conveniently, or have to search through piles of old dusty stuff while browsing, chances are they will leave your store and walk right into the gift store or Coles around the corner.

Easter is a time for new beginnings… why not begin your spring cleaning early this year, and de-clutter your store in time for Easter sales?

Dust out your store, group similar products together, and move old stock into a discount bin and replace it all with shiny new products. Put unsold Christmas or Australia Day gift items into storage, for use later in the year or even have an offsite clearance sale, and replace it with new Easter ranges. Get rid of outdated posters fliers and POS material, and wipe down your countertops and windows. Reorganise your countertop and the area around the cash register and behind the counter, so that it is not cluttered, in order to maximise productivity.

Your customers will thank you for it, and your employees will too!


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