Why you are wrong about newsagents, Mr McQueen

Who’s irrelevant?

Michael McQueen’s ill-informed comment on news.com about newsagents being redundant in five is based on outdated thinking.

Deregulation occurred from 1990 and newsagents are still alive; Lotteries is not a cash-cow on which newsagents depend—the lottery commission far too low to be a ‘cash cow’.

Yes, newsagents are reinventing and they will look different in five years, but redundant? Print will still be alive, people will still buy cards and give gifts, the paperless office never arrived so we still need stationery (make that fashion stationery). Now you can pay bills and send parcels through newsagencies; tomorrow you will complete many electronic transactions newsagencies – newsagents will become the interface between online and offline for many products.

Redundant no—just evolving like  everything in a digital world— in fact the latest smart phone will be redundant in one year when the new model comes out.


5 thoughts on “Why you are wrong about newsagents, Mr McQueen

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with the comment that newsagents will be different in five years, but what business will be the same in five years? None. The ability to reinvent and reshape business is the key to success and survival. Sadly, it is ill informed comments by the likes of Mr McQueen that causes people both within and outside the industry to get gloomy about the future of newsagencies. It is my opinion that we are a strong and committed force and will remain so.


  2. It is the negative comments and biased, un-researched articles that make their way to our customers’ consciousnesses that lead to us newsagents having to work harder to assure our staff and customers that we are still an important part of the retail industry. In our 45 years as newsagents, we are still a strong and well-known part of our community. Just as debunking the reports that newsprint is dead, magazines are no longer read and lotto is the only reason for a newsagency’s existence, this absurd idea of a newsagent’s obsolescence too needs to be booted out the door.


  3. With the new technology it is not only newsagents that are affected. Some accountancy jobs already moved to Phillipines. Some customer service centres have moved to India. Some of manufacturing jobs have already been moved to China. Some PC support jobs already moved overseas as well. At least Newsagencies can still diversify and sell other things. How about the people in those occupations? Less jobs, more competition.


  4. Magazines are like old friends. You can sit down and have a cup of tea with it, put it away and then read something new in it tomorrow. Print media will be around for a very long time to come. I have lost count the number of times people have contacted us to see if we have a newspaper or magazine last week or last month to review a article. They are not able to do so on their phones or Ipads. Storage space it limited.


  5. The article written by Michael McQueen illustrates what damage ill-informed comment can do. We have had questions from people in the process of buying a newsagency asking should they go ahead and risk their money after reading it. Such negative comments damage our industry.

    As the CEO of the ANF I am always surprised how many negative comments are published about this channel. Every retail channel has its issues that we all learn to deal with and we get on with the job of making the customer happy. This channel has many great opportunities. We are a massive retail footprint. Over 2.4 million Australians coming to newsagencies EVERY DAY.

    The ANF concentrates on positive stories in public and fixes any problems in private, as any good business or family does. Bank managers, industry suppliers and prospective newsagents all search blogs for information and negative comment can be very damaging.

    Part of the ANF’s role is to grow the channel. If we have issues we communicate this through direct emails to our members, and not air our dirty laundry for the general public to comment on.

    Newsagents will adapt and change with the times, they do this continually. Having the retail footprint we do is attractive to many online retailers and they are now seeing the opportunities of working closer with our channel.


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