Rounding up the kids!

Getting kids into a newsagency is no easy feat. Growing up with technology and the internet, many kids might not consider the local newsagency to be an essential retail destination—it’s up to you to change that perception.

Mowbray Newsagency is doing a great job of this at the moment, through a Junior Footy Tipping Competition they are running instore.

Their Facebook page says, “Any school aged child can come in store and pick up a footy tipping sheet from our friendly staff behind the counter. If you purchase a packet of Team AFL or Select Football Trading Cards and return your tipping sheet before the next week’s first game, then you go into the weekly draw to receive a free pack of footy cards. Your tally from your tipping each week will get added up and if you are the leader at the end of normal season, you will win a Footy Jersey of your choice.”

footyAnnouncing the competition on Facebook is a great idea, given the amount of time school aged kids spend on social media. By naming the top 5 tippers on their page each week, Mowbray Newsagency is giving the kids a reason to revisit their Facebook page again and again, and refer their friends to the page too—after all, who doesn’t like a bit of recognition!

Scott from Mowbray Newsagency said that they already have 40-50 kids signed up, just days after launching the comp on Facebook! “It’s lead to a great boost in AFL Trading Card sales,” he said, “and the local parents are stoked, because it means their kids spend more time interacting with them and watching the footy with them, instead of being cooped up playing video games!” Definitely a win-win situation!

Have you implemented a similar competition or strategy aimed at school aged children? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to know how you’ve approached it!


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