Network despatch issues

Firstly, of the 4000 agents out there this is effecting the 2350 agents on XIT.

The ANF is focusing on the issue of the XIT stickers and how they come out from the system.

Back in February Network changed their systems in WA, SA, NT and TAS to create a system that is unified across the country, to match the other states.

The solution the ANF has put forward is that XIT uses the despatch numbers, however the despatch numbers are assigned just prior to the stock being put on the truck. Therefore despatch numbers will only work for those that do not mind getting a late file. Currently only 9% of agents have selected this option; this figure needs to rise to show Network that more agents want this solution. 9% makes our argument that agents want change really weak.

To date POS and Tower systems will allow you to select a late file option. Computerlink, POS DOS and Access POS are coming live expected at the end of May.

If the agents want action then they need to speak up, as we may be getting agents calls or emails, but Network and XIT are not. Those who can work with the late file need to ask for it. BUT let me make this clear, just because you have selected the late file today will not resolve your problem tomorrow. Once we have enough of the agents selecting that they would like to get this file, then Network will spend the money on the development needed  to implement the ANF strategy.

In conclusion:

The ANF can highlight issues to all our partners but without the support of the majority of the agents we end up sounding like an organisation which cannot substantiate our claims. If enough agents have issues with this problem, let Network know in writing and copy the ANF in ( This way we have the numbers to help us get the changes we all need. 


7 thoughts on “Network despatch issues

  1. I use access pos system and they allow me to print my labels in alpha order, which is how network enter them into xchangeit. so that is fine, most bundles are pretty close. The major problem I have is if I select the LATE option, I cannot process my labels into my pos until the morning the mags arrive. We dont have time to then process labels in and then print our subs delivery dockets and then get orders to our subs in a timely manor, if we did our subs wouldn’t get there papers and mags until mid to late morning. NOT a good solution for anyone. To use the argument the files are unavailable until 5 pm because mags only arrive in the warehouse the day before is a cop out for us in Tasmania because the mags would need to be at the wharf in Melbourne about lunch time to get on the ship.Therefore they would have them in the Melbourne warehouse at least the day before that. The other big issue we now have is our weekly titles are now packed in the middle of large bundles and it takes 3 times longer to locate them and get them out ready to pack subs orders. They used to be bundled on there own, which was great. And to now say this can not be done is a cop out to, because we receive Auto action, Aust mcycle news, and British football and inside football in there own seperate bundles every Thursday morning. I’m not sorry this is so long but I’m sick of being shafted by these big companies, they are onto us about returns all the time but when I see how many my local Woollworths supermarket return, I’m sorry but it is a one way joke. Rod Ulverstone Newsagency, Tasmania


    • The ANF is on the wrong path – XIT labels are not the issue here. The issue is Publishers and distributors who refuse to place in the top left hand corner of their face magazine the:
      Recall Date

      If this was to be done NO more labels – problem solved.
      Why would any retailer want files at 6pm after they have closed – this is NOT a solution. This “solution” only creates more problems.


  2. Last week I went to the Netonline website and changed to the system of receiving my labels late. So on Sunday I printed GG labels and on Monday morning the Network labels were printed. On Wednesday pm GG labels were printed and this morning on arriving at the shop I printed the Network labels. As I am retail only and have no subagents all is good so far.

    Our next step is to match the labels with the bundles. As this is easy for the GG bundles, staff are labelling GG magazines and getting them on the shelf for sale while I sort out the Network bundles.

    I have the “Quick Reference Guide” for ” Reconciling your Deliveries to the Outlet Summary” and my “Outlet Summary” to ensure I follow the correct procedure.

    1) Bundle Count Check – Outlet Summary said I should have 31 “Keys” and 4 “Bulk.”
    2) Identify Missing Bundle – In theory, maybe – but in practice at number 2 no – not now. We need to get the labels on the magazines and on the shelf. They say “Sort by reference number and pack number”. I have 24 bundles with reference 2505809 printed on them and of those 24 bundles 4 of them have a second reference number. Pack number??? Every pack is pack 1 of 1 – how does pack number help? I have a string of labels about 2 metres long and break them up into reference number and lay them out. I then go through the process of matching bundles with labels for staff to sticker and put out.

    Now everything is labelled and put on the shelf, I shouldn’t have label/s left over – I have 2 labels for Silicon Chip magazine but this title does not appear on my Outlet Summary. Is it missing or not? I need to phone Network and waste more time to find out.

    3) “Check off Magazine Quantities received against Outlet Summary” – Not practical. We check the magazines as we label them against the “delivery label” as they are unpacked. We would know if something was missing if we had an extra label. So long as the magazines listed on the Delivery Labels are also on the Outlet Summary then we are fine.

    A minor positive is that getting labels “late” has meant that once you find a label for a magazine then the other magazine labels in that bundle will be found with them. However, I will quickly add, it is still too time consuming and we have more than one reference in the same bundle.

    Why can’t XchangeIt/Network print out the Despatch numbers instead of Reference numbers with the magazine labels? Despatch numbers are unique to each bundle. This would help getting magazines on the shelf much more quickly.


  3. The Netonline site says that files will be available between 6:30pm and 9:00pm on the day before delivery.

    How is it that Gotch can manage to supply the correct data, in the correct order a number of days in advance, and Network can’t?

    I go home at 2pm on a sunday, and go home at 6pm on a Wednesday. And am not staying back until possibly 9pm on either night waiting for these file.

    Apart from that, printing the next morning is unsuitable for two reasons for us

    1) Subagent magazines dockets don’t show correct information
    2) Why should I get up any earlier than I already do?

    If Gotch can do it, Network should be able to do it as well.


  4. The late file is not the solution for me. If the ANF want us to voice our disapproval, then post the contact name of the decision makers at NDC. Trying to talk with anyone there in authority is impossible.
    Give us the email address of the CEO, I’ll be happy to write to them and copy you in on my email.


  5. Also ANF, while you’re at it, please get NDC to fix the returns “process”.
    Again they had to make it far more difficult than Gotch did.

    Gotch accept automatically the file that is sent via Xchangeit.

    Not NDC. When you send the file via Xchangeit, you have to wait for the email from them (a number of hours later), click on a link, log into your netonline account, and click on “ship now”. If you don’t, then you don’t get your credit. And even if you do, you might get the credit in this month for the regular return, and the credit for the supplementaries in the following month.

    It’s a complete waste of newsagent’s time and another way for them to try get out of crediting the oversupplied stock. The Xchangeit file hasn’t changed by doing any of the above, so they should just accept what we send them in the first place like GG.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one that is tired of being a slave to NDC and their own self importance


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