State of Origin: your newsagency is the winner!

There’s no doubt State of Origin is currently the main topic of conversation in Queensland and New South Wales. There are some great products, merchandise and publications out there which are great to promote, considering the hype around Origin. The good news is that if you are not geared up with Origin merchandise you still have a little time to do so, before the Grand Final on 9 July.

Below are a few of our favourite Origin-related Facebook posts by newsagents, which have popped  up on our Facebook newsfeed lately—we’ve noticed some brilliant visual merchandising ideas!

Each image is a link to the Facebook page from which the image was taken, make sure to click to have a look at what else they’ve been posting, maybe even leave a comment and start a conversation.

These Beanie Bears are absolutely adorable, great for younger supporters

Great for baby supporters and sore losers!

Brilliant display of Maroons merchandise

Promoting local Origin events on your page is great for you rapport, and a great way to get involved in community events

Excellent way to promote friendly rivalry

More great merchandise. Looks warm too!

3 quick and easy tips for promoting State of Origin

  1. Ask your staff to dress up on game days
  2. Be creative with displays, and try to situate them in a noticeable area of the store
  3. Leverage from the chatter about Origin on social media. Make sure to use the hashtags #Origin and #StateOfOrigin when posting images of stock and displays on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Great way to get the word out!

Leave a comment below about your experience with Origin products and merchandise, and foolproof tips for promoting them.


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