WHS does not have to be this confusing?


Well that would normally be the case when you start talking about WHS legislation, codes of practice, PCBUs, HSMAs and all that other mumbo-jumbo nobody understands or even wants to. So you want an easy solution that makes you compliant and only costs ANF members 0.27 cents per day. Your newsagent-specific system that has all the templates for all of the documents you require and a system that walks you through everything in just 15 minutes a week. Newsagent specific WHS covers your retail office warehousing and distribution premises.

Read the full article in the July edition of National Newsagent – call the ANF on 02 9978 3400 or email us at training@anf.net.au

See what newsagents have to say about the Smart WHS system and its simplicity.

Graeme Woods – newsXpress Roses informs us
I love the WHS because it gives me the tools to send my employees home from work
in the same physical state in which they arrived. WHS helps me make a difference in my store.
I also love the ease of use.Darren Asquith – Benalla Newsagency Proudly boasts“ The best thing about ANF Smart WHS is that you have an email arrive when it is time to do something”
Andrew FennellNewsXpress Toronto shares with us“The thing I love about ANF smart WHS is how easy it is to use!
Very straight forward and it all gets saved on the site so I can easily access any records!”Jan from – News on RankinAt News on Rankin we find that the WHS is very easy to follow and we incorporate all the different section e.g. robberies etc. into our monthly meetings. The entire staff knows where to find copies of all emails sent. The best thing about WHS is the way its set out, it doesn’t take long to updateAnd it is very easy to follow and pass on to other staff.Would love to hear your thoughts on WHS and how we could improve our system to assist you even more? 




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