Training for newsagents and staff

National Professional Development and Training Platform
Quality professional development and training is integral to a successful and profitable newsagency. The provision of relevant training for newsagency staff provides employees who are loyal and motivated and capable of contributing to the growth of the business. The ANF understands that staff who receive training and gain qualifications as part of their employment will perform better and stay longer with that employer, leading to a more stable workforce with a decreased staffing turnover.
The ANF is now looking at creating a new industry-specific training system, which will offer professional development for newsagents and relevant training for newsagency staff. This will be in the form of a number of different modules, which will include modules such as Business Planning, Cash Flow Management, Retail Marketing and Promotions, Logistics and Transport through to smaller modules for newsagency staff such as Merchandising, Magazine Management and Relays, Outstanding Customer Service etc.
Can you see the benefits in training? Will you participate? Are you looking to train and reward staff? Have you invested in training already?

Let’s talk about the benefits of training and lifting industry standards. We are all in this together.


2 thoughts on “Training for newsagents and staff

  1. That is the best idea yet. Golden Casket runs workshops to enable our staff to better sell, up-sell and cross-sell their products, and is very successful, in my opinion.
    A newsagent-specific module that could be completed within a staff member’s roster, so that they are actually using the skills as soon as they learn them, would be of tremendous benefit to any newsagency. I am sure that it would at least halve the training time it takes to get new staff familiar with every little detail they need to know to effectively sell to and retain customers.


  2. If only more newsagents could appreciate the benefits of training and take time out to participate and invest in staff. It could change the perception of newsagents as somewhat old-fashioned stores to fabulous stores that are always a pleasure to visit!


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