Support the publishers who support you

We recently conducted a survey about publisher performance, which asked newsagents to nominate the publishers they value.

Many publishers were nominated for adjusting supply when required, providing additional merchandising assistance and in particular, supporting the industry and promoting to consumers using the N newsagent logo. Some newsagents let us know that they try to give the titles produced by such publishers prominence instore, when possible.

The AutoTrader group and Just Magazines group are two such publishers—the inside back covers of the June issues of boatrader, JUST4x4s, and JUST BIKES include adverts created through the ANF’s continued commitment to promote the N brand and the newsagency channel.


IMG_3671 IMG_3672



Giving these titles prominence instore would be a great way to support the publishers who continue to support you.

Thanks for the support, AutoTrader group and Just Magazines!


One thought on “Support the publishers who support you

  1. Couldn’t agree more. The Just… magazines in particular offer great point of sale. It would also be great for the to provide JPEG images of the current issues so that we can also promote them on our in store screens and social media pages


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