Good things do happen on Friday the 13th!

Poor Lance Lagudi from Hoxton Park Newsagency was not having a good week, when ANF-WU GM Jerome Jones rang him this morning.  He had been robbed at gunpoint earlier this week, and the intruder had taken money and cigarettes from his store.  While Lance was covered by insurance, he had just found out that he had to pay an excess of $400, which is not ideal for any small business owner.

Imagine Lance’s delight when Jerome informed him he was the winner of ANF Western Union’s monthly Direct-to-Bank promotion prize draw. And the best part is, the $500 prize money will cover the excess he has to pay for insurance, and leave a little extra for Lance to treat himself. What great news to receive on Friday the 13th—turns out Black Friday isn’t so unlucky for some!

We hope this helps your luck turn around, Lance!


Some background on the ANF Western Union Direc-to-Bank (D2B) Promotion:

Every D2B transaction newsagents in the ANF network process from now till 5 August will put the newsagent in a draw to win $500 every month.

In addition, every D2B transaction sent by a customer automatically puts the customer in the draw to win an iPad mini!

This promotion is exclusive to the ANF network. For more info, please ring (02) 9978 3400, or email


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