Wellbeing turns 30

Wellbeing magazine published by Universal Magazines celebrates 30 years in a beautiful collectors’ edition out in June. It is quite an achievement for any magazine and is testament to the publishing values and the number of people out there who value the more spiritual things in life. It is worth a special display.

Universal Magazines tries hard to work with newsagents to ensure they receive the correct number of magazines; they offer delayed billing on a number of titles and in this way do not suffer the early return issues with which some other publishers have to deal.They are keen to hear from newsagents who want to build sales.


2 thoughts on “Wellbeing turns 30

  1. Could someone please explain the purpose of the National Newsagents Portal. I thought it was intended as a means of communications between newsagents, but this post is really a promo. Regards, Noel Henderson, Stafford News.


  2. Good to see a newsagent communicating and expressing views.
    We promote the good things happening in the channel – like Reader Rewards and Wellbeing…and always ask for feedback. Newsagents are rather busy and don’t always get time to communicate.
    Please start a topic and see what communication we can generate.


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