May the best team win!

Nextra Chermside, QLD definitely win the prize for best dressed, ahead of today’s potentially series-deciding Origin game! Their staff members have donned Maroons colours to works today, and are definitely hoping for a win:

Chermside Origin


As can be seen above, they have a little bit of Blues merchandise for the minority… but check out their spectacular Maroons merchandise range!


Nextra Chermside 1

These guys have been posting some great Origin-related  posts on Facebook over the last few weeks, to keep everyone engaged and excited. Click the images below to see them on their Facebook page:


This is such a good way to leverage from what’s going on in the community, to boost foot traffic and sales, and well as bring a bit of personality into your business.

We would love to know of other newsagents doing similar things for State of Origin, FIFA World Cup etc! Send links and photos through to, for us to share on social media.

PS May the best team win!


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