We need visual calendars!

Did you have a good weekend? Do anything interesting?  I had a quiet one doing all the chores around the house – fine, BUT I could have had a more interesting weekend if I had marked on my kitchen calendar that I had tickets to a show at the Sydney Opera House!! (if I hadn’t moved the kitchen calendar to paint the wall)

Guess who didn’t check the date until Sunday night, only to find the event was over! Grrr.

That is why we (as consumers) all need calendars and diaries and that is why diary sales are still very substantial. In the August edition of National Newsagent we will look at calendars and diaries for 2015. It is your last chance to order the best designs.

Urging your customers not to forget that important occasion could be a good marketing idea – buy a calendar or diary! … (because and office ‘poll’ reveals we have all done it).

That is the ‘news from nowhere’. What news and great ideas do you have to add? We would love to hear of some of your successes.


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