A revolution

There is a bit of a revolution happening in the telco industry. A new player, Boss Revolution, has just announced a promotion that will reward newsagents indefinitely (as agents get a trailing commission for as long as the customer tops up – no matter from where in Australia).

The latest promotion means existing agents get 24% commission for 90 days and for a short time any new agents who signs up will get 34% commission. The calls are so cheap that people can chat for a long time. It is good to promote at this time of year with international telco traffic in a frenzy over the world cup.

It costs nothing to add Boss Revolution to your repertoire and once customers see how cheap the calls are they will keep coming back to top up (and your commission keeps on keeping on). You can even give a free $1 trial for new Boss customers; as an example, for $1 call to Brazil, you can chat for 40 minutes.

Look out in the July National Newsagent  or call 02 99783400 for more information.


4 thoughts on “A revolution

  1. At last a supplier with vision, allow the retailers to share in the ongoing sales value of new customers

    All we need to do now is get our magazine suppliers to enlist the help of Newsagents for magazine subscription sales, Offer retailers a % of the ongoing sales value for signing customers for a subscription.
    Newsagents look after the day to day sales as well as share in the subscription sales

    How else are magazine suppliers going to get new readers as the volume of traditional off the shelf magazine sales decline? Without spending a fortune advertising. The vehicle is here and now

    Building a partnership rather than magazine suppliers trying to rip off newsagents (working together for a common goal)


  2. The ANF tried to get newsagents involved in subscriptions a few years ago but too few agents took it up. (Some didn’t want to as it might stop customers coming in!!) The back end – getting the dollars to newsagents and the suppliers and the consumer’s mag delivered was a bit tricky – but we solved it with the help of some independent publishers and Touch Systems.The trouble was, newsagents had to actively sell, advise customers sign them up – and this is where it fell down. The willingness and the training of staff.
    The same will happen with Boss if newsagents don’t take the time to tell their customers about the incredibly cheap call rates.
    Have a go at Boss and let us know how successful it is.



    • I am not sure how long ago subscriptions was looked into? I was not aware of any such initiative.

      Currently sales of mags are diminishing and as this continues it is going to become harder for publishers to attract new users without embarking on massive media campaigns

      The vehicle for attracting new users for publications should be Newsagents

      The secret to getting Newsagent buy in is to ensure they share the profit from sales as long as the customer continues to subscribe

      If it was truly a partnership I doubt whether any newsagents would have any issues selling this, it is only when publishers try to steal Newsagents current customers off them to subscription and are not prepared to share the ongoing profitability of that customer


      • It is a pity when publishers try to steal the customers, it creates so much ill feeling; Partworks publishers being the worst offenders. I think newsagents have missed the boat with subscriptions unless technology makes it much easy to process and report. Touch screens in store when they consumer can choose a magazine and click subscribe and the newsagents get a fee is the way to go I think.


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