NSW Transport and the Opal card

NSW Minister for Transport, Gladys Berejiklian, is to create pop-up kiosks to sell the new Opal cards.

Commuters complain there is nowhere convenient to buy the card. I heard the Hornsby newsagent spend five minutes explaining to a customer why they didn’t sell the cards– newsagent no happy, commuter not happy – but who cares? Gladys says she can post them out! (That is really modern.)

Commuters cannot buy these cards at train stations and NSW Transport  will only offer newsagents 2% to handle the cards. It would seem to me that the cost of handling, postage and the time factor or alternatively setting up and staffing kiosks would be far more costly than paying newsagents, say, 10% to sell the cards. The newsagency network is already set up, everyone knows it, it is convenient for commuters but NSW Transport appears to be deaf to logic.

NANA has lobbied NSW transport about the inadequate remuneration for newsagents to no avail and some newsagents now have to deal with annoyed customers because they don’t sell the cards. Crazy world!

Not sure how Myki goes in Victoria. Same problems? Any Victorians reading today?


2 thoughts on “NSW Transport and the Opal card

  1. not only can commuters not buy the opal card from us, following is a list of other problems with the opal card:
    1) The card must be organised online, and a minimum of $40 credit must be applied at that time before the card is sent out
    2) there is an option for the customer to automatically apply their credit card to top up automatically – bypassing the need to pay us 2% for recharging the card
    3) no consession card until at least the end of 2014 – in an area like ours with older people, we have to make these people understand why they can’t have a card, when the train station and the local buses accept it for full paying passengers and children
    4) when the system completely takes over and there are no more paper tickets, how does a short term tourist get hold of one for travel around the city? Oyster Card in the UK is purchased at Tube station and loaded with credit ready to go straight away
    5)How do you cancel an opal card? When a tourist leaves Sydney, how do they get back their remaining credit? Again in the UK with the Oyster card, this can be done easily at a Tube station


  2. Scratch comment #1
    I have just had a delivery of Opal Cards to my store for Adults and Children
    Would have been nice to know that they were coming because I told a large number of people that they had to organise the card online

    Communication is a wonderful thing

    Still no Concession cards though


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