New magazine offering 100% commission for launch issue

That’s right, you read the heading correctly.

SNEAKY magazine, which was previously a free publication, has now launched as a paid publication (costing a very low $4.95) and is going into newsagencies in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra for the first time next week—and they are offering newsagents 100% commission for the launch issue. *

And how does that work?

“We’re launching a magazine that’s quite unique—it’s target audience is unisex and it appeals to a general demographic. We want to incentivise newsagents to give our magazine a prominent position, which is why we are offering 100% commission for the launch issue,” a spokesperson from SNEAKY magazine informed us.

SNEAKY is one of those magazines that includes a bit of everything: fashion, art, music, film and activism. It’s one of those niche titles which can only be found in a newsagency and it’s loyal readers will know that.

Keep an eye out for the September issue of National Newsagent, out this time next month—we’re planning to look into magazines which offer newsagents high commission.

* Commission after launch issue will be 25%. SNEAKY is distributed by Network Services.


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