Has plain packaging affected your business?

A study commissioned by the Cancer Council Victoria has found that business was not driven away from small retailers by the switch to plain packaging.

Inside Retail published an article this morning stating the Australian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) has disputed the Cancer Council’s claims that plain packaging has had no impact on small retailers.

It has now been a little over 1.5 years since the switch to plain packaging. Have you noticed changes in the sales patterns of tobacco products since the switch? Have you found customers switching to cheaper overseas brands since the switch? Do you think illegal black market tobacco product sales have impacted tobacco sales in your newsagency?

Leave a comment below, we’d love to know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Has plain packaging affected your business?

  1. I dont think there has been any impact regarding plain packaging. Personally I think people are smoking heavier cigs because they cannot tell the difference once packet is open.
    The problem to small retail is not plain packaging or placing them behind closed doors…It is sheer economics….Big retailers buy at such vastly reduced prices that when percentage increases like the current 12.5% then the cap between what a small retailer sells it at and the BIG retailers just gets wider and wider..We become too expensive…At the same time the BIG retailers are selling the said same product in their service stations at greatly increased margins…
    That is the reality for small business.


  2. In my opinion, plain packaging has had a minimal impact on actual sales, however it has made it more difficult at the counter, to find the correct item.
    I have found the ‘chop chop’ is quite obviously being used. Occasionally, when it is unavailable, sales jump for a week or two and then go back down again. The sales of papers for RYO smokes is above what I would expect for the pouch tobacco we sell.
    People are mostly looking for cheaper smokes, and I fear that the higher the price goes, the more unscrupulous are sourcing illegal product.
    It seems to me that all the higher prices is doing is placing greater financial stress on people. My observation is that cigarettes come before proper food.


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