Local Treasures: Get your story out there!

City Messenger published a news article online late last week, which named Hutt St News to be one of the top five stores in Adelaide to buy unique gifts, stating “There are quality gifts here, such as jewellery, scarves and home decor.”

Not only is this great exposure for their business, it’s a great way to encourage consumers to shop small.

Why not get together with some local retailers, and approach your local newspaper with a story about how convenient it is to shop local? Newspapers and journalists are always looking for local stories, and this is a very effective way to publicise your business. Make sure to mention any products or services you offer to make your store stand out from the rest. In this day and age, time poor consumers really appreciate one-stop shopping precincts, so let them know that you are there. Let them know that together with nearby retailers, you are able to provide for their every need.

Be creative, think outside the box, and get your story out there!

local treasure

Please email nishi@anf.net.au if you would like a copy of the advert above.


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