Print or digital for you?

Newsagents were asked in the October National Newsagent whether they would prefer their magazine to be in print or digital.

So far it’s a 100% vote for print! (more decisive than the Scottish vote today!!) What do you think? Take our 30 second poll.



4 thoughts on “Print or digital for you?

    • Hi Matthew,
      I cannot see any adverts as our server blocks them. Just checking on the WordPress ad policy, they say this:

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      … it’s a bit like free to air TV, I guess, we sometimes see adverts we don’t want to see – but fortunately they soon go away. Not sure I can control what appears but will follow up.



    The magazine sits on our kitchen table for a whole month until we have read it from cover to cover.
    You can’t leave a laptop, phone or tablet open at a certain page for that long!!
    We have been in the industry for 18 years and have read every edition.
    For the first few years it was like a training manual to help us to make our business better – we read in awe of all the great newsagents who were featured and aspired to have a successful businesses just like theirs.
    The shop fitting section used to make us cringe as we felt inadequate because our shop wasn’t as good.
    We love to see what new products are on offer and decide if it fits our mix.
    We read every letter to the editor and often disagreed but never got around to writing our own.
    The leasing and financial advise has been read with interest and many of the tips acted upon.
    Every edition is carefully filed once it has left the kitchen table is ready to pull out at any time to review some of the earlier articles.
    Most importantly the on line edition doesn’t include a photo of our sensational editor!!
    If you need any more reasons to keep our printed version, just let us know.

    Kind regards,

    Leoni & Philip Jenner.
    Port Mall Newsagency.


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