Active selling

There are plenty of examples to prove that active selling can increase sales.Sensitively and casually asked so that customers are not irritated, active selling can have positive results. We see it at the petrol station when you are asked if you’d like the confectionery special – “two chocs for $3?”or at Maccas, “fries with that?”

The power of suggestion is more subtle, “Did you see the story about x in this weeks mag?” “We just got in these gorgeous ‘gizmos’ and there’s only two left…”

Staff need to be training in active selling and it can be a way to boost the value of a sale; try it, measure it and take up opportunities.

Newsagencies can be the face to the consumer for many digital offers. If you asked some of your customers if they would like to receive a call about a new utilities offer and they agreed, you would need to note their name and phone number. Say you were paid $30 for every number collected. For the company it is a lead they can follow up, for the newsagent it is $30 for a few minutes time. Would you do it? Take our poll.



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