4 years a newsagent and loving it!

We asked newsagents to let us know when they are having an anniversary and Shane and Rachel at Maitland Newsagency, NSW celebrate four years TODAY!

“We have come a long way in those 4 years and love owning/working in a newagency. We know most of our locals by name (small town of approx 1100) Love reading National Newsagent  magazine, it keeps us in the loop and gives us ideas on how to keep improving and new wholesalers to check out so thank you,” Shane & Rachel.

THANK YOU  Shane and Rachel for taking the time to email and letting us know there are newsagents out there ENJOYING their newsagency life.




One thought on “4 years a newsagent and loving it!

  1. I am disappointed agents can pick and choose to carry PW or not, to improve the situation all agents need to become involved.
    Maybe they would like the option to stock Lotto etc
    If customers don’t come in to pick up their PW.. back it in they won’t come in for other products. We have heard first hand from customers of a local agent who does not stock PW and these customers said they won’t be going back.


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