Perennial Partworks Problem

The Intelligence of Partworks Management System by Magazine Distributors.

When Newsagents require X amount to satisfy customer orders, reduce quantity. When Newsagents require more than X quantity, reduce quantity. When Newsagents require less X quantity due to customers subscribing to publisher and/or cancelling their orders altogether, increase quantity.

Confused? Me too.

It is a network wide problem. For as long as I know, it’s a problem for almost all Newsagents I have spoken to. The only ones that don’t have a problem are those that have decided not to stock any partworks. Let’s help them focus on the network problem for all Newsagents rather than be stuck on individuals.

Luke La commenting on Newsagents Social Media Forum today

Any suggestions on how to manage Partworks?


6 thoughts on “Perennial Partworks Problem

  1. Robert Bui commented:
    I believe they need to put in a bit of intelligence in your allocation rules. I would have thought if we consistently sold X number of each each issue, we would expect to get X number for the future issues unless we specifically change to other quantities. E.g. We have been selling 3 copies each week of the RB7 from Network. However, the for the last 3 months, our supplied quantity keep on reducing despite we set our supply online as well as call customer service. We as an agent loose credibility and customers abusing us. One sensible approach would be supply first X number of issues (says 3-4) then the newsagent set their own supply according to the customer requests. If not then cut the supply completely or reduce to 1 or 2 copies.


  2. Distributors to supply the parts 1 to 4 at number they think best, but give newsagents a chance to set their own supply if they wish. From parts 5 onwards newsagents must set their own supply or Distributors will assume zero copies are required. There maybe a timing problem between newsagents setting allocation and when part 5 comes out, but if the timing can be worked out then every copy shipped from part 5 onwards will almost certainly be sold and will definitely be going to where it is wanted.


  3. Partworks are an extremely important part of our magazine business representing approximately 25% of our magazine sales, not to mention all the new customers they bring into our store and the add on sales they generate.
    Having said that they are extremely frustrating and very time consuming managing the back orders and cancellations.
    We agree with Dean from Subiaco whereby we should be able to set our own supply from parts 4 or 5 onwards, or advise the distributors how many customer orders we have.
    It is also very important that the distributors provide regular update as to when backorders may be fulfilled.
    Could ANF/NN contact the distributors and gain some commitments from them on how partworks could be managed more efficiently in the future.
    There is nothing worse than obtaining a brand new customer and let them down several weeks in a row because we do not have sufficient stock to meet their orders.


  4. Or then this happens …

    Dear J
    Thanks for your email dated 13/10/2014.
    Part work backorders(xxxxxxxx) can take up to ten working days from invoice date(06/10/2014) to be received. Please advise if this is not received by next Monday 20/10/2014

    Your reference number for this email is ……..Kind regards
    National Contact Centre


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