Newsagents well and happy in the job… and often supporting Partworks

In response to a request to let us know when your newsagency is having an anniversary, today two more newsagents have emailed:

Andy Le and Ann Nguyen bought the Shellharbour Newsagency, NSW on 15/11/2010.

We still love our work, shop, customers and staff. We are still improving the business.”

I just saw that you said to send in if we are having an anniversary and this year on the 19th October, it will be our 5 year anniversary since buying and starting work in the shop,” Sarah Pascoe, Vincent Street Newsagency, Cessnock NSW

Congratulations to these newsagents. We have a wonderful industry where the opportunity to interact every day with so many members of the community makes work very enjoyable. Who else celebrates more than a year or two or 20?

AND on the subject of yesterday’s posts about Partworks – check the comments – there’s a good reason to support Partworks…


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