Set your own supply for new newspaper

There has been much debate about newsagents’ engagement with setting their own supply of newspapers and magazines.

In the Nov/Dec National Newsagent many stakeholders have their say about the reality of newsagents setting their own supply. Make sure you have a read on 13 November.

This week a new newspaper is launched. The Australian National Review. Newsagents have until 2pm on Wednesday 29/10/2014 to adjust their supply for the first issue with IPS.

How many will take the opportunity to read about this new publication, evaluate if it might just suit their demographic, commit to give it a go – or not?

And how many will complain about supply levels. I will check on the figures later next month and let you know.


Australian National Review

40% commission for the first issue

21st Century Media, the publisher of magazines The New Wealth Creator and Your Trading Edge, is proud to launch the Australian National Review, the print version of it’s news website 21st Century News.Distributed nationally, the Australian National Review is launching as a fortnightly newspaper.

Our 32-page newspaper covers current affairs in business, global and local politics, lifestyle, property, trading and finance.

Unlike traditional media organisations, the Australian National Review is a project that aims to provide news with a difference. Whether it is in the world of politics, business or lifestyle, the purpose of our newspaper is to present unbiased information and opinion pieces that do not necessarily adhere to mainstream propaganda.

Launching on 1st November 2014, this publication will provide Australia with a truly independent and free press.
The Australian National Review caters to younger and older professionals, traders, investors and small-medium sized business owners.



3 thoughts on “Set your own supply for new newspaper

  1. Hi,

    Have gone onto our IPS website, looked at supply and this newspaper is not listed for me to see how many we will be receiving??


    Pomona News


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