Double digit declines for many newspapers

Newspapers across the board posted circulation declines in this quarter’s audit, several posting double digit declines.


The weekday edition of Fairfax Media’s Sydney Morning Herald posted a decline of 14.5% YoY this quarter, with the Saturday edition and Sun-Herald posting declines of 7.6% YoY and 14.2% YoY respectively.

The Age

The weekday edition of The Age posted a decline of 19.6% YoY, with the Saturday edition and the Sunday Age posting declines of 8.2% YoY and 11.6% YoY respectively.

The Australian

News Corp’s The Australian posted a decline of 9.2% YoY, with the Weekend Australian posting a decline of 7.5% YoY.

Meanwhile Fairfax Media’s business focussed national masthead Australian Financial Review posted declines of 9.8% YoY and 11.1% YoY for the weekday and weekend editions respectively.

Herald Sun

This quarter, the Herald-Sun saw 7.9 – 8.7% YoY declines across all its editions.

weekday titles

Of the weekday titles, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age posted the most significant declines, with the NT News following closely with a decline of 12.1% YoY. News Corp’s Daily Telegraph and Courier Mail saw the lowest declines of 6.4% YoY and 5.5% YoY respectively.

Of the Saturday titles, The NT News and Canberra Times posted the largest declines of 16.3% YoY and 12.7% YoY respectively. The Daily Telegraph once again posted the lowest decline, of 4.1% YoY.

sunday titles

Of the Sunday titles, the Sunday Territorian posted the most significant decline of 14.9% YoY, followed closely by the Canberra Times (-14.8% YoY). The Sunday Tasmanian performed the best in this category, with a YoY decline of just 7.1% this quarter.

SOURCE: Mumbrella


4 thoughts on “Double digit declines for many newspapers

  1. Is there a circulation figure available for the Weekend West please. I may have missed it in the above list but can’t seem to see it.


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