Kadina Newsagency’s fashionable new venture

To prosper in this retail climate, it is SO important to think outside the square. Being a traditional newsagency and only offering traditional newsagency products and services will only get you so far. If you want to your business to stay competitive you need to stay innovative, you need to listen to your customer base and offer the products and services your local community needs.

This is exactly what Chris and Sharon Hill, owners of Kadina Newsagency, have done. They own quite a large store, and while they had dedicated large section to toys, they could see that the turnover was not quick enough to justify the space the toy section was allocated. They knew they had to try something new, and a conversation over the kitchen table led to the birth of their latest venture – Re-buy, the new consignment selling arm of their newsagency, which was launched this Monday.

Here’s a snap of their brilliant first display:


“Our goal is to bring online shopping back in store,” said Re-buy’s mastermind, Sharon. “Consignment selling is great because it allows the buyers to try on clothing before committing to purchasing it—that way there is never a chance of buying something which will not fit, which happens so often with Ebay purchases and online shopping.”

How Re-buy works: members of the local community bring in unworn or rarely worn clothing into Kadina Newsagency—Sharon then asks them to fill in a confidential form, along with their bank details. She re-sells the clothing in store, and provides the original seller with a percentage of the profit.

“Everything we stock is in excellent condition, most items of clothing still have their original tags attached. We stock some great brands, like Billabong, Roxy and Target—clothing you would not find at Vinnies or at an op shop,” said Sharon.

Sharon is thrilled at the response she has received so far—she mentioned that her back room is currently overflowing with stock, and she can’t wait to bring it all out to be displayed.

She will soon be launching a Facebook page for Re-buy, as well as promoting it on Instagram and Pinterest.

Best of luck to Chris and Sharon – I will definitely pop in to snap up some fashionable bargains next time I’m in South Australia!

Have you implemented an innovative idea like this in your newsagency? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear your story!


2 thoughts on “Kadina Newsagency’s fashionable new venture

  1. Fantastic innovation. There are Newsagents out there keeping the industry alive and profitable.
    I know there are issues around NSW Lotteries that have significant concerns for Newsagents in NSW/ACT. However, those agents that are thinking I may take a bit of a hit on lotteries in the coming months, where can I either enhance other departments or form a new Department while not only survive but thrive.


  2. Sharon and Chris are amazing. Not only do they have the best shop fit out in S.A. but they are always thinking creatively what the newsagency of the future will look like. Re-buy is a sensational, and I know it won’t be their last great idea.


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