Keeping on the radar

The Minster for Small Business, Bruce Billson, has urged consumers to shop locally this Christmas. Billson has performed very well for the SME sector this year in developing a root and branch review of competition policy; consultation on extending unfair contract term protections to small businesses; development and implementation of a code for franchising where those who breach the code will face much fiercer financial sanctions; developing a one-stop-shop website for small business and getting rid of red tape in many areas.

All newsagents should maintain close contact with their local MPs, pointing out issues for small business; it is all part of being visible and remembered.

The ANF is maintaining close relationships with the Small Business portfolio to ensure the newsagency channel remains on its radar. Maintaining such relationships and presenting the newsagents’ case are important functions of the ANF, one that many newsagents don’t really appreciate. It is not a tangible benefit but without strong representation the channel would undoubtedly be worse off.

It’s a bit like paying your taxes; we don’t really like parting with the money but without them we couldn’t have services that benefit all.



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