WHSmith buys Supanews

Confirmation came through today, published in the Courier Mail, that WHSmith has bought 29 company-owned Supanews stores.

Whilst newsagents have been concerned about the possible competition posed by the arrival of WHSmith, the ANF sees this as a vote of confidence in the sector.

“The investment of a global company in the newsagency sector confirms what we know, that there is a good future for the newsagency channel. Our channel is undoubtedly changing and the introduction of a strong global brand is consistent with what is happening in the general retail space with the arrival of brands such as H&M, Zara or Uniqlo.

“Many of our existing franchise groups will be a match for any new player. We welcome the arrival of WHSmith and look forward to our channel going forward to bigger and better things.

“The ANF hopes to meet with WHSmith in the near future,” ANF CEO Alf Maccioni said.

Click to read report.



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