Not your usual shopfit

Papier and Co (formerly Hope Island News) just underwent a shopfit with Rowe Shopfitters, which takes the newsagency to the next level –appealing to the modern consumer and sure to be attractive to young and old alike.


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We absolutely love how clean, crisp and organised the store looks. We were told that the wooden display fixtures for gift products are also for sale.. such a good idea!


Definitely a look you should consider, if you’re considering a shopfit in the near future.


5 thoughts on “Not your usual shopfit

  1. Looks beautiful. But our low margin items don’t allow us to retail like tiffany’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if this store has 20 new spinners within 12 months. A business still has to be profitable and empty space unfortunately sells nothing.


    • Thanks Matt but I couldn’t help respond as I wanted to note that these photos where unfortunately done with a wide angel lense. The store has been deliberately designed to have an intimate feel and gives enough room to allow traffic flow without feeling crowded. Through the use of modern fixtures our low margin items no longer dominate floor space and customers are drawn into the shop through clever visual merchandising. Of course it’s early days yet however the model is definitely working beyond our expectations. Many thanks to Rowes who shared our vision.

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  2. By “our” do you mean the typical newsagent low profit store with papers, magazines & lotto? May I suggest a more detailed look at the the high profit items they have through out their store. Then take the time to look at typical WH Smith Store layout or even Kikki K…

    The mag aisle down the middle of shops with fixed shelving through out, will be the death of many newsagents in the coming years as the wont be able to afford a new fit-out or when they finish doing their mags returns & adjust to the 21st century it will be to late for them.

    The thinking & incentive of these owners in conjunction with the shop-fitter is nothing but out-standing. To be able to adjust the layout of a shop on fly is a terrific idea, especially when it comes to seasons. I’m sure they make more in gift sales in a day then the “typical” would in many weeks. Or the sale of one of their gifts would out do a week in spinner sales.. 🙂

    Time to take the blinkers off & the timing of this article “Not your usual shopfit” is terrific as i’m due for a gasket fit-out in the coming months, which will now be expanded… 🙂


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  3. This type of innovation in newsagent retail is to be commended, there are many Newsagents who have evolved with not only their ranging and fit out but also their merchandising over the last few years. Too many retailers including the majors go through the motions when completing a shop fit, replacing old shelves with new shelves and displaying the same product in the same manner is not a viable way to obtain an ROI on your refit. Understanding your consumers needs and developing a product mix, with ease of access and transaction with the correct lighting and traffic flow, will see you reap the rewards in the near future. We should have more newsagents putting up pics as there is an array of wonderful layout and merchandising across the county. Love the look!


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