Why we need independent newsagencies and pharmacies

Well, we all know why we need independent small businesses; we just have to get the community to understand and know what they will lose if they don’t support small businesses. Peter Strong wrote about this in Smart Company today and it is a story we need to keep telling. We have to get government to understand that small business needs to be able to compete with the big operators like Coles and Woolworths on a level playing field.

Peter Strong is the CEO of the Council for Small Business in Australia (COSBOA)

Click here to read the article, pass it on and let me know what you think.



One thought on “Why we need independent newsagencies and pharmacies

  1. I “shared” Peter Strong’s article with my friend and 6PR radio presenter Chris Ilsley. Chris interviewed Peter on his show just after 8pm last night. It was a very good interview helped by the fact Chris is “on our side”. The responses from the callers afterwards were positive also. We just need to educate the general public and politicians what will happen to the average persons lifestyle if Wesfarmer/Woolworhs completely wipe out small retail businesses.


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