Federal Government announce Post Implementation Review of Tobacco Plain Packaging measures

The Australian Government Department of Health is undertaking a Post Implementation Review (PIR) of the tobacco plain packaging measure in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Government Office of Best Practice Regulation (OBPR). Tobacco plain packaging has been implemented as part of Australia’s comprehensive range of tobacco control measures through the Tobacco Plain Packaging Act 2011 and the Tobacco Plain Packaging Regulations 2011 available on the Australian Government ComLaw website at: www.comlaw.gov.au.

All tobacco products manufactured or packaged in Australia for domestic consumption effective 1 October 2012 were required to be in plain packaging. All tobacco products were required to be sold in plain packaging effective 1 December 2012. (You can read the full release HERE)

The ANF would value your assistance in answering a short 6 question survey on the impacts of Tobacco Plain Packaging measures in your newsagency. This will help inform us if a suitable response to this review is required on behalf of members. CLICK HERE to access the survey.


3 thoughts on “Federal Government announce Post Implementation Review of Tobacco Plain Packaging measures

  1. This questionnaire is not your own work; It is exactly what the tobacco industry wants you to ask with answers supplied thinly disguised as options. I am struggling to understand how you would be so naive as to allow the good name of newsagents to be associated with the tobacco lobby. Newsagents strive to have our customers regard us as neighbours who regard their welfare as neighbours would. This is an important area of difference between ourselves and the chains. Tobacco companies focus their advertising on the the young: how do you think they will regard us if we are seen to encouraging their children to to become addicted to nicotine with its deleterious effects on their health, their lifespan, their choice of mates (what non-smoker wants a smoker), their wealth. When plain packaging was being debated the QNF got itself listed on a tobacco lobby add and later admitted it was a mistake.

    Noel Henderson Stafford News


    • Thanks for your comment Noel.
      The questions were not supplied by the tobacco companies. They were collated by the ANF to seek feedback from the 90 per cent of members who sell tobacco, following a Government issues paper which requested feedback from retailers.
      We appreciate your sentiments on this issue but most members still sell tobacco and we need to represent all views.
      We have had a good response from members on this issue – not yet collated.


  2. Totally understand where Noel is coming from. However as an Industry that has such diversity of owners and products the ANF needs to support all of our members. We have members who have moral issues with selling Tobacco, Porn or Gambling products.
    All of these products are legal to be retailed in Australia and there are strict guidelines that govern each of these products.
    We are happy for the government to govern in a way that drives compliance without adding onerous tasks and cost to any Small business newsagent.
    The reality is in relation to plain packaging that Newsagents have informed us that they have suffered as a result of plain packaging legislation.

    This obviously causes us a concern and we want to ensure newsagents are not disadvantaged from legislation that may not be effective in achieving its goal.

    Any legislation that is enforced needs to be cognizant of the impact it has on any small business operator.


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