Sad to lose good people

Sad to hear that Terry Thelwell is leaving Lovatts. Terry and Lovatts were one of the few publishers who understood the newsagency system and respected newsagents capacity to display, process and sell magazines. Terry, and also Peter Gilbey, travelled around meeting newsagents, listening, helping and giving a prod where necessary. They ensured newsagents were not over supplied and increased commission for those outlets that displayed the Lovatts titles in a prime position.

Depending solely on sales (no advertising revenue) Terry knew how to get the best out of the system.

It is to be hoped that such vast industry knowledge is not lost to the industry when some of the experienced people are moved on.



3 thoughts on “Sad to lose good people

  1. Not to denigrate the expertise held by Terry or Peter, I find it interesting that there was even anyone from Lovatts ( or for that matter any magazine publisher ) who is/was visiting newsagents.

    I have been in my newsagency for 15 years, and I have had one visit from Network (by request) and not once from a publisher. We may be small, but we hold a good range of magazines which are well displayed, but obviously hard work counts for nil if the numbers are not big enough.


    • It’s true Lester, the high volume stores are the ones to attract visits – the economics are such that there are fewer sales reps on the road in any industry. These days it may be a online ‘visit’.


  2. Rachael Northey Executive GM at Lovatts rang to say Lovatts were indeed committed to the newsagency channel. As a publisher who does not carry advertising and depends on sales, newsagents are vital to Lovatts. “I don’t believe print is destined to decline,” Rachael said.”We are sad to see Terry go also. We intend to continue to support newsagents and look positively for the future.”


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