Stores are the new black

“Stores are the new black in the world of e commerce,” says Scott Galloway from Sterns. Speaking at a conference he forecast  declining growth of high profile pure play companies and noted many online retailers were rushing to open real stores.

The retailer of the future is Macys, he said. Retailers are growing their e commerce businesses and challenging pure play.

It’s a lot about shipping costs and this only serves to emphasise the need for a low cost bricks and mortar network – now where on earth would you find such a network of retailers in every community across the country?!

There are many interesting points in this You Tube video.

Tells us what you think.



2 thoughts on “Stores are the new black

  1. Congrats to ANF for its continued support by making this information available. I had to watch it 5 times to fully grasp all that he was saying but I got it.

    What I heard was all online purchases have to delivered – physically. Yes, someone has to get in a truck and drive around to my place and if I’m not home it’s a problem. And here we have thousands of outlets occupying the most convenient locations, all over the country from which a parcel could be picked up.
    The Newsagency channel has the answer to Amazon’s billion dollar problem. Seriously guys what would it take? Maybe just the will?


  2. That’s my point and let’s hope every newsagent can see that and give the parcel services (NParcel and Connect) a go, and understand that in the early stages of building a business it can be a bit wobbly, things don’t always go smoothly in the beginning, However, if everyone got behind it we have the most powerful, accessible network in the country.


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