Is your website mobile friendly?

You may have noticed the term ‘mobilegeddon’ a few times over the last week or so… wondering what that’s about?

Basically, Google has introduced an update to the algorithm of Google Search, to ensure that mobile friendly website will receive a higher ranking in Google Search results, if the search is carried out on a mobile phone.

And why should you care?

Because 72% of mobile users say it’s important to them that websites are mobile-friendly. If some of your customers happen to fall into that 72% and, because of the way Google search results now work, end up on a competitor’s website while searching for you using their mobile device, there’s a good chance you could lose business.

CLICK HERE to find out if your website is mobile friendly. Enter in your web address—the test only takes 10 seconds, and if your website is not mobile friendly you will be given a few tips on how to change this.


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