ANF endorses Rewardle rewards platform

The ANF has established a partnership with the Rewardle, to assist members with establishing a digital relationship with customers.RewardleLogoCMYK-rev-300x132

Rewardle is a rewards platform, a “digital update to the ubiquitous buy 9, get 1 free punch card.” It will provide incentive for consumers to become repeat newsagency customers, while connecting newsagents with other local merchants that are part of Rewardle’s rapidly growing Merchant Network. Consumers can use their Rewardle card in any store which is part of the Rewardle Network.

It is currently being used very successfully in the Ezymart convenience store chain, and we envision the newsagency industry will experience similar success, once the rewards platform is rolled out.

This rewards platform will require no extra work for newsagents—ANF members will all receive a tablet to display at their counter, which will include the software required for the consumer to ‘tap on’ using their Rewardle card or app, in order to gain rewards points. Consumers can then save these points to cash them in for rewards they want.

For more information on Rewardle and how it works, please CLICK HERE, and then click the ‘watch video’ link at the top of the page.

We will be providing members with additional information in the coming weeks.


20 thoughts on “ANF endorses Rewardle rewards platform

      • According to the Rewardle 2014 annual report, Rewardle charges their member merchants $49/month subscription fee. It does offer an initial free trial to be part of the program and to build market penetration but envisages converting free trials to paying subscribers in time.

        Is the ‘…cost-free for members.’ actually only referring to the initial free trial and does Rewardle expect Newsagents to later become paying subscribers?

        The report also puts the financial position of Rewardle as posting a $1.5M loss for 2013/14, having liabilities of some $2.8M and cash reserves of $0.45M. Also according to the report, subscriptions are the only form of income Rewardle has and as at June 2014 has 64 subscribers which works out as an annual income of some $37K though the report puts revenue at just under $20K so presumably they started the year with fewer subscribers.

        These numbers tell me that Rewardle will want to convert free trials ASAP so how long does the free trial period last?



              • Sorry but it annoys me that the ANF just didn’t give the full story to start off with . The exact word used where

                Hi Shaun,

                This rewards platform is cost-free for members.

                Where you should have said exclusive ANF member deal first 12 months free .You have to be upfront on any deal or it opens you up to more criticisms .


              • Thereafter $588 PA and possibly GST on top. Does that include the countertop tablet or is that another contract/lease? If the latter, do we pay/lease the tablet during the ‘free trial’?


                • The counter-top tablet is free during the 12 month trial period. Would you like me to ask a Rewardle representative to contact you regarding your questions around payment after the trial period? If so please let me know if you would prefer to be contacted via email or phone. Thanks!


                  • No need as I will be unable to be contacted from this evening due to travel. What I am asking is if the $588 PA is inclusive of the tablet or if it is subject to a separate lease and therefore payment?

                    I ask this as other proposals to Newsagents have in the past been in 2 separate parts, viz. the intellectual product and separately, the hardware platform to run it on. The risk being that if one part fails in the business sense, you are locked in financially to the other part but with no benefit.

                    As an aside, did the ANF research various loyalty platforms and approach Rewardle to partner with as the most suitable for Newsagents or did Rewardle approach the ANF?


                    • Hi Bob,
                      The ANF looked at various national, ubiquitous programs and was prepared to give Rewardle a try on the basis that it cost our members nothing for the first year. I do not have contract details – and I can probably find out, but that is why Nishi suggested you talk to the people who actually run the program.
                      The Rewardle program was first suggested by a major publisher who has had success with this platform. This was after the Industry Summit when all suppliers were looking for a reward platform that would go across all product sectors and could promote the industry as a whole. It was
                      about finding new and different ways to promote the channel and attract more customers to the benefit of all.


  1. Off topic but I am trying to find any info on the new Magazine contracts and the ACCC ,cannot seem to find anything on it on here about it .


    • Hi Shaun ,

      While we have not posted anything here, we did send out a newsletter regarding this topic to all members, on the 24th of April. Please let me know if you’re having trouble finding it, I’m happy to forward it to you.


  2. Yes, probably a good idea now that some of the strategies around the trial are becoming clearer. It is not a contract and there is no change at all at this stage. It is a trial to try to find better ways of managing magazines – for the benefit of newsagents and also publishers. Keep checking NNews and National Newsagent for more details and I will post something here tomorrow.
    Don’t be distracted by misinformation in the market place and ring your ANF state manager as well for information.


    • Thankyou for the reply Carolyn, Yes I think I am getting distracted ,it is hard to tell wether some of the stories are rumours or fact .


  3. Hi Guys,

    I am a Rewardle Representative and would be more than happy to answer any questions you have so please sent me a email or give me a call. There is much more than meets the eye with the Rewardle platform, so please get in contact if you have any questions..



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