Magazine trial debate

There has been much discussion and comment about the magazine trial and I have tried to respond to all, but below is an endeavour to cover all or most comments.

Please note that after the trial nothing will be implemented without the express communication from all ANF members. No Code can be implemented without this happening. It cannot be enforced unless the industry backs it.

Firstly, it is great to have the feedback and the engagement.
Secondly, we understand the suspicion and mistrust on the magazine supply issue – historically it has been, I will be polite, totally unacceptable.

Thirdly, the ANF is aware of the history and the unconscionable practices of the past and is focusing on trying to improve the situation for newsagents by carefully and strategically working with the trial process and then be in a position to work with publisher/distributors to find a sustainable outcome.

The ANF is fully aware of why and how distributors work to maintain their cash flows and what the publishers – big and small – have done to maintain their businesses, just as it is aware of the pressures on newsagents.

How and why the 20 trial agents were chosen is noted in the first blog post and the findings are not just going to be imposed on the entire channel, a trial will investigate, measure, test different ways… and then the outcomes will be discussed and that is where the ANF will be in a position to be forceful about the change we need to see for newsagents.

Why and how the XchangeIT data, for example, has not been used more effectively will obviously be part of the whole investigation.
Note: the definition of ‘early returns’: Early Returns means the return by a Retailer of a copy of an Issue to a Distributor, in the case of:
a) a weekly, fortnightly or monthly Title, during the On-sale Period; and
b) any other Title, within 30 days from the On-sale Date.

The trial will proceed and the aim is to find more efficient ways to allocate magazines with minimal waste, maximum sales and manageable processes for all parties and establish a Code of Conducts that will include distributors.

Let’s get on with the trial and closer to change and a better system.


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