Thinking of You week

Newsagents are renowned for being friendly and supportive of their communities so ‘Thinking of You Week’ in June (15-21) is an opportunity to highlight the power of showing you care.

Organised by the Australian Greeting Card Association, the promotion is essentially to boost the sale of greeting cards and take the ‘thinking of you’ thought beyond the text message.

How can you capitalise on this promotion?

Highlight your special card range with the point-of-sale available from your greeting card supplier.

Create a message for each day of the week:

  • Make an older person feel treasured.
  • Make a teenager giggle or feel special
  • Win brownie points at home – tell her she is wonderful
  • Take time out to send a card to someone who is not well
  • Lift a busy mum’s spirit – send her a funny card

Have a think and let us know of any good ideas – we can build a good resource here that all agents can use to lift the sale of greeting cards in newsagencies. What about a competition between your staff – who can sell the most cards this week?

We need more loving and caring in our society.

thinking of you


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