The Dependable Newsagent

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

And that’s exactly what Hawks Nest News, in NSW’s Hunter region, did during the recent storms that ravaged New South Wales.

Hawks Nest was particularly battered by storms in late April, and was without power for almost a week. Many of the town’s stores were forced to close during this time, due to the difficulty of operating without power—even the local Coles shut their doors for a few days, leaving locals without means of purchasing basic supplies.

Luckily, Hugo and Jane Elstermann, owners for Hawks Nest News, came to the rescue. They borrowed a generator, organised for fresh bread, milk and vegetables to be available instore, and used Hurricane lamps to guide their customers around the store when there wasn’t enough power for lighting. As EFTPOS wasn’t available, Hugo kept a list of customers who made purchases at the time, every single one of whom came back to fix their bill once things settled down again.

Talk about local heroes!

CLICK HERE to read the article their local paper ran about Hawks Nest News recently, titled ‘Hawks Nest business was more than ‘convenient’. It was dependable’.


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