Go find your own statement…

Many newsagents have complained about Network Services’ recent change to expect newsagents to go online and find their statements. These statements are no longer sent directly to the newsagents.

Newsagents report that they simply do not have time to be ‘visiting’ many websites and generating statements.

One newsagent wrote to Network, after he received a call from ‘customer service’ about payment as he hadn’t seen his statement; to date Network has not informed newsagents of a change to the current practice.

Another newsagent said: “We don’t expect our customers to come in and ask for their statements – we send them one each month!!”

“Why can’t they just send a PDF?” asks another.

As distributors and other companies look to streamline their processes and save time and money for their own company it appears that their ‘customers’ have been forgotten. Time and costs are pushed onto their customers—the newsagents—often with little communication.

Another company, J&M Communications, says;

…Unfortunately we do not send out emails and we encourage our clients to regularly check on our website’s home page as they are always advertised there.”

It is easy and cheap to send a statement by email and it is quite unacceptable that some companies choose not to do this, don’t you think?


7 thoughts on “Go find your own statement…

  1. I don’t get it.

    I get a system generated email every month from Network with my statement attached in PDF format.

    Maybe those newsagents not getting their statements need to check their SPAM folder.


    • I rang Network when I hadn’t received my statement last month. I had received an email saying that they would be electronic but expected it to be emailed to me. When I rang the helpline I was told that I had to go to their website to download it. I have not received a PDF format statement and was not given the option to do so.
      Deidre – Corrimal East Newsagency


  2. I got a emailed statement in March but have not recieved one since. This is crap, I shouldnt have to ring them to email me my bill every month. I thought it was LAW that you had to send a invoice/ statement to the person who owes you money, If they are not going to send a statement then I should have nothing to pay. Why dont all of us that have not recieved a statement just not pay it and see what they do with all the magazines they get stuck with when they put us all on stop credit for 2 delivery days.


  3. I thought it was a legal requirement for a company to provide a customer with a tax invoice for goods purchased – I am not sure this complies…………..


  4. Typical of the arrogance of NDC make us do all the work as usual. As I did not get my statement this month I went to the website and printed from there.


  5. Ha. Just read this as I was going online to find my monthly statement, thought I had lost it. Why am I not suprised by most this most recent change to Networks procedures that again make life that little bit more difficult for time poor Newsagents. I have been whingeing ever since they changed their magazine delivery to suit their system but not the end user who has to spend considerable extra time sorting through numerous parcels in order to process and reconcile supply. Did I miss the notification from them telling me how they value my business and because they think so much of me as an industry partner, are now introducing a new monthly invoicing system that will benefit them.


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