Good relationships are a must

Maintaining a harmonious working relationship with everyone you deal with—whether it be suppliers, landlords, staff members or neighbouring retailers—is bound to yield better results than an adversarial one. You might have noticed that with your spouse or family!

Not only does this help build trust and develop mutual respect, it’s human instinct to feel inclined to go the extra mile to help out someone in need if a harmonious relationship is already in place.

Do you have any tips for fellow newsagents on how to maintain harmonious working relationships with suppliers and staff members? Leave a comment below, we would love for you to share your story where a nice, polite request yielded more results than an aggressive one.

CLICK HERE to read an article from our archives, about the importance of maintaining a harmonious relationship with your landlord.


One thought on “Good relationships are a must

  1. Hello Nishi, I disagree very much with you and the article to which you refer. The final outcome will depend on the relevant power of the parties. If there is a strong demand for space in a given area, the landlord will be in a relatively strong position, if there are empty shops in the area, the balance shifts somewhat. However, I do give credence to being objective and being a person ready to reason. The curse of the newsagency business is that we are always in the weaker position in relation to our suppliers: they can do without us, but we can’t do without them. This is because we are not able able to assemble the weight of all newsagents to act together. For example, if you were to examine delivery fees back over the years and ask yourself, ‘If I were a publisher, what is the lowest I could pay without causing a mass exodus from the industry?’ then compare it with reality, you will find a perfect correlation. This is in spite of good, competent people with nothing to bargain with save an appeal to fairness, justice and a good relationship. How could it be otherwise: the executive assigned to negotiate will be evaluated will not be judged on his sense of fairness, but how cheaply he can get the papers delivered.

    Regards, Noel Henderson Stafford News


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