Leverage from the colouring craze that has hit Australia

Have you been leveraging from the adult colouring book craze that has hit Australia?

While the concept of adults spending precious time colouring in does seem quite odd at first, when reading of the scientific reasoning behind the popularity of  this new trend, the craze does make a lot of sense—ABC News recently reported that laboratory tests conducted by neuroscientist Dr Rodski have shown that colouring in can reduce stress in a similar way to meditation, and SMH has reported that “some of Australia’s biggest companies are buying colouring books for adults in bulk to help staff handle the stress of the modern workplace.”

There are some great titles out there for newsagents to stock at the moment. The media attention this craze is receiving is doing some great marketing for you, so stock some titles, and let your customers know that you have them.

The following titles are currently offered by Network Services:  Pictura FaeriesCover - Creative Colour

  • Pictura
  • Creative Colour
  • Colour Therapy
  • Zen Colouring Natural Wonders – coming soon, on sale 13 July
  • Colour Me Calm – coming soon, on sale 20 July.

The following titles are currently offered by Gordon and Gotch:  10 Colouring book Gotch

  • Zen Colouring Advanced Art Therapy
  • Zentangel
  • Colour Calm – coming soon, on sale in August

Gordon and Gotch will be offering several additional titles, including partworks, in the coming weeks and months so keep an eye out for these too.

Newsagents are perhaps the ideal retailers to stock these products—after all, where else can consumers find adult colouring books, colouring pencils, crayon, coloured pens, AND greetings cards and gift wrap for those who are purchasing these products as presents for loves ones. Be smart with the placement, maybe even entice your customers by inviting them to trial colouring in during quiet periods of the day—Mindfood recently published a blogpost which has a link to a printable colouring in sheet, accessible HERE.

Be creative when displaying these products, for the best results. We’ve seen some great examples of this, including one particularly innovative newsagent who turned a colouring in product display into a community colouring project! Keep an eye out for this story and more on the adult colouring book craze in the July issue of NN, out next week!


6 thoughts on “Leverage from the colouring craze that has hit Australia

  1. This is becoming a huge craze but I am worried Newsagents will miss the boat as we can not get supply from Network, Gotch or GNS – all coming soon. By the time they come will everyone else have captured the market while we are left waiting??


  2. I agree with Alan above, re Newsagents missing the boat! We have sold out of the meagre supply we were sent and cannot get any more, either from GG, Network or GNS. Plenty for sale on eBay, so how do they get them when Newsagencies can’t. This fad will be well and truly done and dusted before we can take advantage of it.


    • Heron books have them on sale via Newspower. If you are not a Newspower member you still may be able to access them. They are based in WA but deliver nationally. They are looking at an early August delivery.


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