Cool new product

INNOVATION – makes shopping a breeze…

This is a good idea, with good design, it is functional and sustainable. Will people want to buy? Melissa from Evo Brands said newsagents who ordered this product, reordered in the first week!! They put the product on Facebook and had customers from all over coming in to buy.

Trolley Bags is a system of reusable shopping bags that tick all the boxes for that regular, never-ending task of grocery shopping. If there is space the display with trolley that shows it off best.

Click the flyer below to see the video which explains it all, order and promote instore and on Facebook.

trolly Flyer-1

trolly Flyer-2


3 thoughts on “Cool new product

    • Stores are selling them for $34.95 or $39.95. It just depends on how much margin newsagents are happy with.
      One newsagent who is near Aldi and Woolworths has ordered already. We will keep a track of how they go.


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