Significant win for ANF

ANF wins significant support in Federal Senate vote for increases to thresholds in Unfair Contract Terms Bill 2015

The ANF has lobbied hard to improve the thresholds for which the Unfair Contract Terms Bill 2015 will apply. This is very important to capture more member contracts in the new legislation. To achieve this change the ANF has submitted in detail to the Senate inquiry into the Bill and we have met with and lobbied the offices of crossbench senators; including Greens small business spokesperson Senator Whish Wilson, Senator Jacqui Lambie, as well as Nick Xenophon’s office.

As a result, yesterday Senator Whish Wilson tabled an amendment to the Unfair Contract Terms Bill 2015 in the Senate to increase the thresholds to the compromise position recommended by the ANF of $300k for 1 year contracts and $1 million for multi-year contracts.

The vote was won 34 votes to 25. The bill will now return to the lower house with the ANF’s recommended thresholds in the legislation.

This is a significant win for newsagents and the ANF will now lobby the lower house to support the new amendments.


One thought on “Significant win for ANF

  1. This is a significant win. Congratulations to the ANF, particularly Alf and Ben and all those involved on you perseverance on this issue. Also thank you to all those members that completed surveys. A classic example of the power we have when speaking with a united voice.


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