Unhelpful report, irresponsible headline

A report in the Australian Financial Review last night is not helpful for the newsagency industry. It’s headline says Print is not dead, just newsagents.(!)

Whilst it was sad to see Taylor Square Newsagency close last week, there were many factors that caused this to happen. To add unsubstantiated comments about lotteries going into Coles and Woolworths in 2018 when there is no evidence that this will happen only serves to damage the goodwill value of newsagents.To suggest the decline in newspaper sales cannot be managed by introducing alternative products is ill-informed.

Fortunately there were some positive comment towards the end of the article, but the journalist could have done a lot more research.

CLICK HERE to read the article in the AFR.




One thought on “Unhelpful report, irresponsible headline

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