Innovation in newsagencies

Newsagents are continually searching for new income streams and Jack Bishop from newsXpress Goondiwindi has hit on a successful one for his store. Engraving! It can add value to products in store and bring income from outside the store as a stand alone engraving business.

Jack has installed a 100 watt laser tool in his store that can engrave on almost anything; he explaines:

We are having success in store with personalising Christmas decorations, wooden chopping boards, mugs, glass product (glasses decanters etc) and sporting trophies.

Dave has also designed a personalised pencil case which has been great especially with the colouring in craze at the moment.

The local rugby club had 70 pewter mugs engraved for their end of year. The local high school ordered 90 personalised glass for their end of year graduating students.

I have ordered over 500 USB sticks and will engrave with our store name and logo as well as engraving the students name on them for BTS.

This is not only a creative new enterprise for Bishops to sell in store and online; it is an opportunity for newsagents to be able to easily offer personalised products to customers.

Have a look online at click on the contact tab and fill in your details to receive a wholesale login password to see our prices.

We also had the opportunity to engrave the Queensland Newsagents Award Trophies which I thank Ann very much for the opportunity.

It’s only a start with a lot of work still to do but we are very excited about the future of this latest venture.


Agents can log on to our web page at and register to obtain a log on password. The prices quoted include GST.

glasses mx taylor


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