Proactive newsagent organises successful Western Union promotion

Proactivity always leads to business success; ask any proactive retailer, and they will confirm that this is the case.

Ibram Kamil, owner of Mt Druitt Newsagency (NSW), recently organised an in-store promotion, which allowed all customers who put through Western Union transactions within the promotion period to be in the running to win an Apple Watch. Ibram and his staff members went all out, and created this amazing balloon display in honour of the promotion.

IMG_9724 copy

As expected, the promotion generated much interest within the local community; Ibram told us it not only increased transaction volumes, the promotion also lead to an influx of new customers.

The ANF-WU team went along to assist Ibram on the final day of the promotion, armed with WU branded giveaways for the customers. The sheer amount of regular and new customers who assembled in front of the store in anticipation of the Apple Watch draw was extremely impressive.

IMG_9730 copy IMG_8682


As it turned out, the Apple Watch was awarded to one of Mt Druitt Newsagency’s overjoyed regular customers!


Have you run similar successful in-store promotions in your business? Leave a comment below and email, we’d love to hear your story!


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