ANF initiative provides peace of mind for distribution agents in the ACT

An ANF initiative has got the wrapping machines for six ACT newsagents and one Goulburn newsagent back into top working order, while setting up a structure for long term servicing peace of mind.

After 12 months of negotiation and organisation, the Ronaii Wrapping Machine Technician from Aldus Engineering, Sydney, spent four days servicing 21 wrapping machines for a group of Newsagents in the ACT and Goulburn, during December. Four of these agents deliver close to half the papers in the ACT/Queanbeyan area. While servicing the machines the technician provided training for two local Canberra residents, and explained the processes he used and how to fix many issues, while also developing their skills in routine servicing and maintenance.

“The machines have never run as well as they do now, in the nine years I have owned the newsagency,” said Alan Macdonald, owner/manager of Macka’s Newspaper Distribution. “Many idiosyncrasies and frustrations that we just took for granted as part of life at 3am have now been resolved. We can now roll the papers better, faster and with more efficient use of expensive consumables like plastic, and in particular, hot wires. A solution as simple as putting a two speed pulley on the machines has reduced the enormous frustration of wrapping a Saturday Sydney Morning Herald on the same machine as a Tuesday Canberra Times.”

The real long term benefit of this program is that we now have two local Canberra residents capable of repairing major breakdowns. They will also service machines every six months, to keep them running reliably and efficiently. They developed a good relationship with the technician and will be able to contact him for high level advice as required.

One of the local technicians is even looking at fixing up an old machine which can be hired by agents in the event of a significant breakdown, to ensure the agent can continue to service their customers.

This has been a long time coming and due to the initiative of the ANF, the commitment of the agents who funded the program and the opportunity recognised by the two local technicians to donate their time to be trained, we now have a support structure for the newspaper delivery arm of this channel.

Any agent in the ACT, Southern NSW or the South Coast that wants to access the services of either of these two technicians may contact them as below:

  • George Collins: 0435 589 184
  • Chanel Cole: 0487 452 125

For further details contact Alan Macdonald, ACT Director ANF, on (02) 6295 8332.


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